For your comfort and Re assurance, the following are my  professional Qualifications :

General Registered Nurse,


Reiki Master,

Energy Kinesiologist,

Shamanic practitioner and Shamanic Counsellor were completed  in the Irish School for Shamanic Studies in Dunderry

I completed an apprenticeship  with a Native American  Shaman in USA, Sue Corrigan  and did a further apprenticeship with a Mexican Medicine Woman, Na Aak.


I am a registered Member of CTHA 

 I feel my greatest qualification is my commitment to my own inner journey through reflection and meditation in its many forms. 

About me

The Medicine Bowl Siddantha

Healer and Teacher

It is my experience that as soon as you make contact, Healing begins. Before you arrive in the Cabin, I have asked your

Guardians and Guides to bring whatever it is that  that you are in need of today. So Healing is available throughout our time together, whether that is as we chat or as we work together.


I want to express gratitude to my many teachers in the seen and unseen worlds.