The Medicine Bowl Siddantha

Spirit Midwife, Transpersonal Healer and Teacher

October 31st:

Walking Meditation 10am-11am. Famine graveyard, Manorhamilton.

This walk has a particular energy of working with and remembering those who have gone before us especially as we move into November. This is a remembering of the forgotten ones, those buried in what was termed as"unconsecrated ground", those buried in shame and silence. If there is a famine graveyard near you please join us on  this day

December 21st Winter Solstice Walk: 4pm-5pm Milltown Woods Lurganboy.

We walk as the light fades on the shortest day of the year to honour the gift that darkness has been in our life.

June 21st:  Walking Meditation Honouring the Summer Solstice.

Glencar Waterfall, 9pm -10pm.

We walk to celebrate the abundance of light and growth within ourselves and in all of nature.

August 1st: Walking Meditation, Milltown Woods, Lurganboy.

10am - 11am

We walk to enter into the Season of Autumn/ Lughnasagh, a season of celebrating a great Harvest and then, just like the trees, letting go.

 Starting September 8th 2018

Wizard of Oz, The Adventure of the Wounded Healer, Retreat


 Four separate days throughout the seasons starting in September and ending in May. We will commit to a deep spiritual journey of retrieving  lost parts of ourselves, calling ourselves home and discovering that there is actually "no place like" being at home in ourselves.

We step out on our journey of life not knowing what we will encounter on the way. We know that we will meet many  opportunities to face our fears and retrieve  our greater consciousness (the reason we are here), our heart and our courage. During this time together we will have time for  prayer/meditation, movement/stretching , time in nature. and group Healing. We will follow the path of the Medicine Woman/Man opening to all that is available to us for our healing and blessing.

We will start Saturday 8th September at 10am and finish at 5pm

Booking is essential  for each days. Just text me 0873384206

Cost: €60 which includes light linch , teas and coffees.

Please email me at if you have any questions.

General overview of the four days:

September 8th: Preparation for the adventure

November 10th: What/who we have meet along the way so far

February 9th: The Wizard

May 11th; The journey Home

September 21st

Walking Meditation , Milltown Woods, Lurganboy 10am -11am

We honour and celebrate the Autumn Equinox, a time when day and night are of equal length, a balance of light and shadow.


1st February:

Walking Meditation to welcome the Season of Spring, Imbolc, and respectfully ask for the Blessing of Brigid, Saint and Goddess.

Glencar waterfall: 10am -11am



Walking Meditation

We honour the Spring Equinox

10am until 11am, Milltown Woods , Lurganboy


North Leitrim's Women's Centre: 10am-1pm

Discovering the Rainbow Within, Our true Colours (Part 1) (Part 2 May 11th)

We all look and point when we see a rainbow in the sky. Can we wake up those same colours within us and be in awe of ourselves.

Working thru meditation, movement and some teaching we hope to do just that.


Booking through Evelyn at NLWC 0719856220


Benwisken Centre, Ballintrillick. 10.30-1pm

Music, Movement, Dance and Sound

Connecting to the Divine within

A morning for yourself. Going inside. Waking up all those beautiful star filled cells within you that are longing to wake up and be here.

We will stretch, move, dance and sound and bring ourselves alive, fully present. At the end of the morning we will have some time to listen to the quiet whisper of our true nature.

Booking is essential: 0873384206

Cost €20

May 1st

Walking Meditation

We welcome the season of Summer, Beltaine

place to be decided yet


North Leitrim Women's Centre

Discovering the Rainbow Within

Your True Colours: Part 2

May 25th- 27th & June 1st-3rd

Create your own Singing Bowl

A powerful way of working with all the elements within us and around us.. Gabriella and Heather lead this wonderful work. You may wonder "What do I need with a singing bowl"...well ,throughout the weekend ,you work with all the journeys of your life, the old stories, creating a new story, letting go, clearing and so you hold in your hands a truly integrated story of your life. Wherever you  sound your bowl you will be reminded of all that you are. It is a powerful process. If you have any questions I know that Heather and Gabriella will be delighted to offer you guidance.

All details are on