The Medicine Bowl Siddantha

Healer and Teacher

June 21st: 

Walking Meditation Honouring the Summer Solstice.

Glencar Waterfall, 8pm -9pm.

We walk to celebrate the abundance of light and growth within ourselves and in all of nature.

August 1st:

Walking Meditation, Milltown Woods, Lurganboy.

10am - 11am

We walk to enter into the Season of Autumn/ Lughnasagh, a season of celebrating a great Harvest and then, just like the trees, letting go.

 ​September 21st

Walking Meditation , Milltown Woods, Lurganboy 10am -11am

We honour and celebrate the Autumn Equinox, a time when day and night are of equal length, a balance of light and shadow.

October 31st:

Walking Meditation 10am-11am. Famine graveyard, Manorhamilton.

This walk has a particular energy of working with and remembering those who have gone before us especially as we move into November. This is a remembering of the forgotten ones, those buried in what was termed as"unconsecrated ground", those buried in shame and silence. If there is a famine graveyard near you please join us on  this day

November 16th : Bundoran

Alice in Wonderland begins

Are you the real you?

Invitation to journey together down the rabbit hole, beyond what is expected of us, retrieving the lost parts of ourselves in a playful, magical, deeply spiritual way

We work through within the energy of each season, deepening our journey within, as Mother Nature deepens, emerges, grows and blossoms.

Each day will offer:


Movement and stretching

Cosmic Heart Art {no experience required}

We will

Re learn the Art of Ritual

Retrieve a sense of a sacred place within nature and within ourselves

Re Learning our connection to:

Animal Guides

Plant Medicine

Tree Spirits

Spirit Guides

Greater community of life

Always deepening our particular journey with God



January 25th: Down the Rabbit Hole

March 7th: The Madhatters Tea Party

April 25th: Slaying the Dragon

June 6th :Empowered and Free

 It is vital to commit to the whole journey through the year and what a great year of adventure it will be.

Cost is 60euros per day and this includes lunch, teas/coffees throughout the day.

Please contact me with your name and address if you are interested.

Many of these were cancelled as we all moved inward and Home. However the changing seasons were all honoured in some way. either with small groups gathering with social distancing in place or through collective  Healing meditation spiralling from the cabin outwards. It is my hope that we can walk together to honour the Winter Solstice and welcome the return of light, while bowing in gratitude to all this Wintertime has taught us.

December 21st Winter Solstice Walk: 4pm-5pm Milltown Woods Lurganboy.

We walk as the light fades on the shortest day of the year to honour the gift that darkness has been in our life.




Walking Meditations are held throughout the year, marking all the seasons as per the Celtic Calendar. The walks are slow as we allow nature to speak to us and as we give thanks to all the nature beings for their blessing through the season. Each step is a prayer, each step draws us deeper into listening to the still voice within us often mirrored through the sound of the birds, the sound of other feet walking, the call to" be still and know that I am God"

Everyone is welcome and there is no charge.

1st February:

Walking Meditation to welcome the Season of Spring, Imbolc, and respectfully ask for the Blessing of Brigid, Saint and Goddess.

Glencar waterfall: 10am -11am

March 21st

Walking Meditation 10am-11am We honour the Spring Equinox

10am until 11am, Milltown Woods, Lurganboy

​May 1st

Walking Meditation We welcome the season of Summer, Beltaine

10am - 11am Milltown Woods, Lurganboy.