What to expect during a session?

Celtic Tree Whispers

A set of 21 tree whispers. Each tree has a particular message , whispering to your spirit. These include all of the Ogham together with the Beech tree and Gueldar Rose.  A beautiful gift to yourself or another .

Each costs  15euros including postage

Merlin's Healing Beech Tree

The Art of Soul Retrieval

A little book , a little story, calling all of us Home . Created through Catherine Mc Gagh and myself.

Cost is 10euros plus postage

Every session is different and can be difficult to describe. 

I am often asked what exactly do you do?  I simply follow where your spirit is calling for help, clearing and healing. 

Every body and spirit is different.

Only you know when you feel clear, feel more at home, feel less fragmented.

The Medicine Bowl Siddantha

Healer and Teacher

Healing is so simple

The practical image of Healing I hold is so simple. You know that weekend when you are free and you clean the house, do the laundry, clear the cluttered room and there you are happy out. Next thing you know the laundry basket is filling again, that uncluttered room is  becoming cluttered again and you can't find anything. And so it is with us, we become cluttered, cant find our centre and feel ourselves a bit fragmented. Sometimes then we need a little help to come back to balance.

During a healing session I become a guide, a helper in your process of remembering who you are
and why you are here. In the session we will use counselling, meditation, energy healing and body
work according to your needs at any given time. You are the leader of the journey and I will simply help you find your way through stormy or misty waters. It is my prayer that you experience a sense of yourself beyond the everyday drama, a glimpse of the radiant soul that you are. This will enable you to live the life you have been called to live to the full.

Healing is a process. What you do and how you live after a session, is of equal importance to the session, so the journey of healing can stay alive within you.

I recommend that you commit to at least three sessions so that your body can adjust to the changes you are making and to the work we do during the sessi

Other Details

Individual Healing Session

One to One sessions are by appointment only and last one and a half hours. Cost: 60 euros.

Pay for an individual session via PayPal: 


Distant Healing Session

I can offer Distant healing. I will send you Healing at an arranged time when you can rest, pray and meditate. A distant healing session lasts 30 minutes. Cost: 30 euros.

Pay for a distant healing session via PayPal:

Skype Session

I am also available for sessions via Skpe which last one hour. Cost: 50 euros.

Pay for a Skype session via PayPal:

I understand the financial difficulties of this time and no one will be turned away from The Medicine Bowl. However it is vital that some donation is offered.